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Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm Sarup Banskota, a twenty year old from India.

Speaking at FOSSAsia 2014, Cambodia. Photo: Uditha Bandara Wijerathna

I've co-authored GlitterGallery, an open source collaboration tool for FLOSS designers. I contribute to the Fedora Project as part of their design infra team. I'm also a Fedora ambassador for the Asia Pacific region. Soon, I hope to start a new project that helps with onboarding contributors Check out everytrack.

As would be obvious by now, from the time I have left after University classes, I spend most of it working on various web projects. I publish most of my work on GitHub. I speak at many FLOSS/developer events, so be sure to check out my SlideShare and (currently outdated) Fedora Userpage for updates!

This week's:

  • Books: Collective Intelligence by Toby Segaran and Git Pro by Scott Chacon.
  • FOSS Project: GlitterGallery
  • Random Website: Out of the box Cafe

You can email me On Twitter, I'm @SarupBanskota.