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GlitterGallery: 2X GSoC love this year!

22 May 2014

Last year was a significant one for GlitterGallery: we went from idea to working buggy prototype. It was a significant year for me too - I fulfilled most of my promises and learned a great deal in the process. This year the significance is going to be 2X!

  • We have a new ninja in the house. My friend Rohit’s going to help us upgrade to rugged, polish the authentication, write better tests & improve pull requests!
  • We’re just two months away from our beta usage by Fedora’s design team.

Before starting on this summer’s work, I just thought to summarize some long pending updates:

  • We now meet every Wednesday at #glittergallery on freenode. If you don’t find one of us there, just say hi to glitterfox! ;)
  • I’m working on a meetbot so we can publish logs for future meetings. Here’s our first and second meeting’s (shabby) logs.
  • My work this summer involves around redesigning the entire thing + the usual stuff I do. Proposal’s available here.
  • Not much community bonding for me this time since I was stuck with exams. However, I’d like to think Rohit’s now comfortable with the way we roll and will do us proud!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for updates!