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04 Jun 2014

Last week was a nightmare - my laptop charger simply blew up! Despite searching the best accessible stores in my city, I had a hard time finding a replacement. I spent the week reading on responsive web design practices and sketching mockups for GlitterGallery & other web projects I’m involved with. Hopefully, I should be able to blog about progress with GlitterGallery’s front end by the end of this week, when I have something solid shipped :)

Inspired by Mo and Ryan’s fantastic work on the branding so far, I decided to tinker around with some logo ideas for server, cloud and workstation. A lot of these are improvements over some of the logo concepts Mo put up on her blog, some others are ideas of my own. I’m beginning to pick up Inkscape and with some help from the design team, I’ll try to digitize them soon!

Ok, no more talking, here’s some sketches for ya (apologies in advance for the low-res pictures)! Enjoy!

###Strip A:

Strip A

The idea is straightforward - keep the “Fedora” in the the first thing and then supplement the individual components with their own graphics. Perhaps the keys in the workstation could do with a spacebar to make it more obvious?

###Strip B:

Strip B

Here I experiment with the server as a stack of disks, and the workstation to be one of those new flexible laptop computers.

###Strip Red Bull:


Not really sure what I was trying to do, but it appears like I was trying a fancy cloud and ended up giving Fedora some wings! :D

###Strip D:

Strip D

Really, the cloud on this is my personal favorite, it mimics a real cloud - with the Fedora logo put up front. I tried to introduce a desktop computer for the workstation, with the Fedora logo as monitor, a mouse and keys.

###Strip E:

Strip E

The server stacks seem prettier to me here. I was hoping to make use of the patterns from Mo’s blog post for the bottom two layers. For the workstation, I introduced a half-shown monitor, with a Fedora mouse.

###Strip F:

Strip F

Plain server disks, and a usb stick for the workstation instead - RedHat sent me one from the Brno office (doubles up as a can-opener), I thought it would make a cool concept for a workstation that can be carried around ;)

This whole thing was originally supposed to be an email to Mo, but she encouraged me to blog about it so here we are! Writing this also made me realize how difficult it is to communicate design stuff to an audience effectively. Please let me know if you particularly like/hate any of the logo ideas, it’d be useful to think about it before I get to digitizing them!

Once again, I’m posting the entire series here for you: logo ideas