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First shot at Inkscape - Moar logos!

09 Jun 2014

I had always wanted to learn Inkscape; and the whole buzz around logos gave me exactly he opportunity. Just finished tinkering around with Inkscape for the first time, I must say it was worthwhile!

As promised, I’ve come up with a second iteration of the logos, this time as an SVG ;) If you haven’t been following already, you should check out attempts by Máirín Duffy and Ryan Lerch on the logos. I was without a computer, but did few sketches and my attempts are available here. Based on the feedback I received, I’ve now reduced to three improved concepts and would totally appreciate your feedback on them!

Alright, time for you to enjoy logos and for me to face the difficulty of communicating what exactly I was trying to do! :D

###Strip A

I was poking around with Inkscape’s various buttons and accidentally ended up curving one side of the monitor. The end result appeared cool, so I decided to stick to it. I arrived at the keyboard by vertically inverting the monitor and skewing it a little bit.

Strip A

###Strip B

These are my personal favorites (the workstation especially). I arrived at this by first creating a bunch of tiny squares, then recursively stacking them together to a produce grid effect. Finally, I colored it up in a way that automagically suggests the context of the logo. I have a few neat hacks in mind for this concept, if enough people agree on it, I could give it a try - the cloud & server can definitely improve! :)

Strip B

###Strip C

The server on this strip was an attempt to ‘stack’ server disks that run Fedora - I’m not sure if I succeeded in creating that idea. From the feedback on my sketches (and late realization too), it appears that I couldn’t capture the idea of a cloud by stacking differently oriented Fedora bubbles together, so this time I’ve tried another shape. What do you think? The mouse is a different look at the workstation - most of the ones we’ve seen previously are oriented more towards the entire system, kinda rendering the logo ‘busy’.

Strip C

So…which would you rather pick? How could we possibly improve?

You’ll find the source for these images on my fedorapeople page. They’re just 30$ for a one time use. J/K ;)

Note - if you actually end up looking at the source, you’re probably somebody who cares about how designers would want to collaborate. I’ve been improving the front end for GlitterGallery and recently wrote a huge post(with lots of pictures), so be sure to check that out too!