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GG halfway through with redesign

24 Jun 2014

We’ve reached about halfway with the GG redesign, so I’ve decided to share updates on this blog post. It’s basically design work, so the best way is to just try it out. Head over to, sign up for an account and give it a roll :) Some features may be hidden/removed for now, because we wanted to make sure what is visible is performing good.

Managed to capture the login page right in time to include the red nprogress loader :D

Login page

I wanted to make the onboarding experience smooth, so there’s guides that show up everywhere to help you around the system.


As you’d notice, there’s plenty of whitespace and big buttons to help you navigate without confusion. As you create new projects, widgets show up on the right to act as quick links to your recent projects. Notifications will be introduced next to projects soon :)

New Project

Here’s yet another example of a guide, helping a user understand what to do on a new project page.

Another example of a guide prompting the next action

Project files show up neatly in different columns - when I’m doing JS activity, I’ll try to make it pinterest style.

Freshly created project page

Also, I’ve tinkered a little with the User & project settings, introducing more UI elements.

Settings page

So go ahead and give it a try - As usual, remember to report issues into the issue tracker :)