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Updates with GlitterGallery

27 Jul 2014

Personally, I’ve been troubled with illness for a while now. College has started and time has gotten scarce. However, work on GG is going great as usual. As usual, I’d recommend running through the demo hosted at, since design work is only best experienced.

For Fedora folks following the project, I’d like to mention some highlights:

For starters, now we have a remember me, because a couple of people said it’s trouble having to enter login credentials every time they’re on a new instance of their browser. Of course, it’s optional; it’s only meant to aid you. We’re facing trouble with the 3rd party login, which suddenly seems to have broken. Paul is investigating it at the moment.

Login page

I’ve improved the toolbars on Project and User projects. There are slight changes to the transitions and the active element is now highlighted properly.


Paul recently rolled out the server side stuff for GlitterGallery Issues. I’ve also given it some front-end polish. Here’s some screenies:

Issues New

Issues List

Other areas I’m currently working on:

  1. Slideshow display for project images (80% complete)
  2. Multiple uploads for project components (50% complete)
  3. OpenShift QuickStart (stuck)