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Developments with Fedora Join Landing

13 Nov 2014

If you went to Flock 2014 or attended it remotely, you’d remember I did a talk called Curious Case of Fedora Freshmen. One of the concerns raised in the session revolved around our current Join pages. Here’s the contribute wikipage, the first thing you’d land if you ran a Google search for Fedora Contribute. Then there’s the Join Page, which directs you to various sections within the Join wikipage. For the most of us who’re already involved with the project, these resources may seem as good enough guidelines for a newcomer to be on boarded, making efforts towards a new Join experience seem superfluous.

Over the course of the last year or so, I ended up participating in several meetups in my University, geared at getting people on boarded into FOSS communities. Out of curiousity, I’ve spent time researching how the first steps for several other communities are. Here’s Mozilla’s, my current favorite. Here’s Drupal’s. Here’s Wikimedia’s.

Our Join process could use some improvement. Inspired by some of the links I pointed out earlier, Gnokii’s slides on contributing to Fedora as a non-programmer, and my own experiences dealing with juniors in college and interested folks I meet at conferences, I’ve decided to go ahead and work on building a new boarding point for people who’d like to contribute to the Fedora Project. To start with, I have a couple of mockups for such a website, viewed on mobile. I also managed to find two enthusiastic students, who I’m mentoring with the development process. We had a super quick meeting the other day to spark things.

First Page Second Page

I wanted this post to serve as a notifier to the community, so in case you have any ideas/suggestions, feel free to add them into the comments section! :) I’ll try to keep sharing updates as the project progresses.