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Event report: Design FAD, Westford

30 Jan 2015

We had a fantastic Design team FAD between 16-18 January at Red Hat’s Westford office. For me, it turned out to be an opportunity to (finally!) meet in person with my mentor Emily, and Mo, two people I’ve been in touch with over IRC/email like forever. Among others physically present were Marie, Sirko, Suchakra, Chris, Prima, Zach, Samuel, Langdon, Paul, Luya and Ryan. Kushal showed up remotely albeit the odd hours in India.

Mo on the whiteboard

Mo did a great job outlining topics we needed to discuss on the whiteboard the first day. At first it looked like a lot to me and honestly I felt like we’d never get to half of them. At the end of the day, to my (pleasant) surprise, we had covered most, if not all of the planned topics. We spent quality time evaluating what the team’s goals are and prioritizing them. We revised our ticket flow into a more structured and well-defined one. We discussed newbie management and how to deal with design assets.

Random discussions

Suchakra, Zach and I worked on redesigning askfedora. What was supposed to be a low-fidelity mockup winded up being pretty hi-fi, since I wanted to take Inkscape lessons from Suchakra and we dug into the details. Suchakra has blogged twice about it, so if you’d like to learn more, find the first one here and the second here.

Askfedora mockup - photo courtesy Suchakra's blog

If we manage to squeeze in time, we’d like to work on the redesign in the weekends. Another group focused on cleaning tickets, so as you’d imagine, lots of trac emails getting tossed around. When I had a look at the design trac after they were done, it seemed like another trac altogether!

Ticket discussions

GlitterGallery was also brought up. What I took back for the GG team from the FAD was that our main priorities are improving the file history view and SparkleShare integration. On my return, I’ve already started work on a new branch.

Quick GG status demo

Emily and I intended to do a GG hackfest once everyone leaves on the final day, but we had transportation issues and couldn’t continue. To make up for that, we held an IRC meeting yesterday to assign tasks to Paul, Emily, Shubham (new kid on the block), and I. I’m excited about how the repo is active again!

Productive FAD for everyone :) Thanks to the local organizers and Gnokii, super worthwhile.

(Gnokii, sorry I sucked at gaming!)

Gnokii playing Champions of Regnum

(Photos courtesy Prima).