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If you remember my previous blog, I used to maintain a bucketlist with a list of things I’d like to do in life. I think I did well with striking my way through most of items on that list, so I’ve taken it down. I managed to inspire some classmates with the bucketlist, so some of them rolled their own. However, my bucketlist didn’t do a lot more than outlining my desires and motivating others to list their selfish side. I’ve therefore decided to list out random ideas that strike me on this page. If you get inspired to roll your own, please do so, but remember to link back to this one :)

I’ll want to visit these ideas when I’m “good procrastinating”, so if I’m working on any, I’ll remember to provide a link. You should feel free to pick up anything that gives you a kick and work on it - I’m not going to run behind you claiming intellectual rights, but you’ll owe me a beer.


  1. I’ve started work on everytrack, a project I got inspired to work off Idea 8. Find progress on that on GitHub.

Random Thoughts of Mindless

[1]. After I was back from my Hanoi trip, I discovered Google Photos had magically transferred into a beautiful slideshow/story, with information on where I had been to, photos, captions and some maps magic. A phone app that could intelligently record trips like that would be pretty cool.

[2]. There’s this beautiful command line tool called jrnl I use to record ideas, statuses, quick notes and the like. I’d love to be empowered with a social site, where people through their terminal (or other media) can only post statuses - no comments, no sharing, no likes. I think a quiet “status update page” for geeks would be both useful and handy.

[3]. Use cowsay, fortune and rest api to create funny messages to people who’re cribbing / meme substitute.

[4]. I remember spending a lot of time figuring out how to build a nice navigation system on every website a make. How about a lightweight framework that acts as a plug-and-play, so all I have to worry about is the design side of things. Of course, this can’t be generic, only the common patterns I end up using.

[5]. Speaking of navigation, how about a navigation system that emulates the desktop environment people are already used to? I’m sure non technical users would like to visit a blog that is structured like in a traditional desktop setting - files and folders to click, open and explore.

[6]. Fancy idea - pop a terminal-kinda panel on a blog, where people can navigate with just their keyboard using the standard console commands they’re used to.

[7]. Jekyll ships with two layouts - default and post. I’m yet to understand about how more complex layouts would form, but I could use a calendar format where I can feed in my engagements/plans for the current month etc, which I can share around.

[8]. Everytime a junior asks me how to get started with something, I wish I had a link to give her, that outlined a track of links etc to go through. How about a project where people can create their tracks on how they learnt stuff and share it around? Update: I’ve started work on this, find it on the everytrack repository

[9]. I often get to see a type of form, where the user is expected to fill in stuff one item at a time. Cleartrip payments uses it, so do typeforms. I asked around on a few channels; it doesn’t seem like anybody has come across a gem that lets you do that.

[10]. What University hostel doesn’t have people watching movies together every other night? Find a bunch of movies a group is likely to enjoy, based on ratings by locals.

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